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Sheri Keenan Herdt
CEO/Owner/Transaction Coordinator

My name is Sheri Keenan Herdt. I am originally from New York City, but being raised in a military family had us moving around quite a bit! My family settled in Danville, CA where I spent majority of my life.  I moved to Reno in 2006 for a job opportunity, and fell in love with the area.  In 2017, I went into the real estate industry. I found the paperwork element of transactions enjoyable- funny I know- who likes paperwork?  I enjoyed it so much I decided to start my own company, and NVision was born. I am also a wife, mom, and adventurer. I spend my days exploring Northern Nevada by hiking, kayaking, and supporting other small businesses. 

Tara Scarfia
Transaction Coordination Assistant

My name is Tara Scarfia, last name like Scarface and Mafia, and yes, I am Italian and Mexican, but born and raised right here in the Biggest Little City in the World!  My primary background, to be honest, has always been medically based. Having been so used to medical charting and paying close attention to detail when performing Cardiac Procedures, I feel like I was born to keep a close eye on all things Contracts as you are taught, "if it isn't documented, it never happened!"  I, like Sheri, enjoy paperwork and making Timelines to assist Agents and I find my charting experience as an extremely vital tool in the wide world of real estate because so much happens during the life of a transaction! 

Like most, I enjoy long walks on the beach, especially if I am with my Corgi, and I enjoy everything that goes along with Summer, Lake Tahoe, Paddle Boarding and Disneyland!

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